Pick a trail and sign up your team(s) and we'll send a text with a start location. You have 30 days to start your trail.

When you are at the start location, text GO to start the trail and receive your first clue!

Text the RIGHT ANSWER back and receive the next clue (as well as a piece of trivia).

Text back the WRONG ANSWER and you will get a 5 minute penalty on your overall time. Try again and submit a new answer.

Text the word HINT for a little help with your current clue. You will get a 5 minute penalty on your overall time, so use your hints wisely!

Text SKIP to move on to the next clue. You will get a 20 minute penalty on your overall time.

Some clues give you a break to let you enjoy the location it took you to (most likely a cosy tavern). Breaks usually last between 30 to 60 minutes and are optional. You can text GO to skip the break and proceed to the next clue. Otherwise the clue will be sent when the break ends.

You can add another phone to receive texts for your team at any point during the trail. Just text their phone number and their phone will also receive clues and progress the game. You don’t have to worry about a team member running low on phone battery or losing reception!


You send
right answer
wrong answer
mobile phone #
We text back
If the game has not yet started, we send your first clue! If the game is on break, this will end the break early and we will send your next clue!
Your next clue!
A sorry message and a time penalty. Try again!
If the clue is too tricky we will send you a hint to help solve it. This will come at the cost of a few minutes!
If the clue is too hard you can skip to the next one, with a hefty time penalty!
We will add this member to your team and they too will start receiving clues!
Time penalty
5 min
5 min
20 min

It takes 2 hours on average to complete a trail
Welcome the challenge and beat the clock to compete
for a top ranking on our leaderboard!

It's not always about the race
Take your time and enjoy the ride - take in your surroundings, embrace the history and atmosphere along the trail.

Clues will be sent to all the phone numbers you added when signing up your team to your trail
Teams can include up to four people. Any team member who receives a clue on their phone can send the answer and progress to the next clue.

Add a new team member anytime
Simply text us the phone number you want to add as a response at any point during the trail.

pick a trail


Sign up as one or more teams and test your competitive edge.
May the best team win!

All teams should head towards the start location. As soon as one team texts the word GO the first clue will be sent to all teams.

The team that finishes the trail in the shortest time possible (taking into account any penalties a team may incur) is declared the winner!

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