How much does it cost for a team to take part?


How many players to a team?

1 to 4. We usually recommend 2 to 4 players to a team.

How can I pay?

Using your credit card

How much do the text messages cost?

We do not charge you for text messages. Your text will either be sent free as part of your usual contract bundle or at your usual rate.

Do I need local knowledge to solve the clues?

No! Local knowledge might help you a bit but trails are designed for locals and visitors alike. A map will help with some of the clues; the one on your smartphone will work fine!

How do I get started?

Sign up your team on the website and you will be sent a welcome text to the phones you signed up as well as a welcome e-mail (please check your spam inbox). Once you arrive at the start location at the recommended time text the word GO back to the welcome text.

How long do I have to start the trail after I sign up?

You have 30 days from signing up to a trail to reply to your welcome text with the word ‘GO’ and start solving your first clue.

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