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“I’ve always loved travelling - exploring exciting new cities is something I thrive on. What I don’t love so much is having to experience group tours with strangers to uncover the odd historical or cultural gem. And on the same point, having to grapple with tourist books or trawl through hundreds of websites can be just as fun-sapping.

“I’ve long since thought that there simply had to be something out there that offered up an alternative.

“Then one day, there it was – a little light bulb of an idea that has led to today, and to Trailclues. An idea about a platform that could change what it means to discover a city – and transform what the average urban explorer’s experience was like.”

Edward Founder of Trailclues

We are for everyone For families, for couples, for sole explorers

We believe that urban exploration should be for everyone – of every age and interest, and for individuals and groups alike. Whether business team building exercise, family day out, or first date, we’ve created trails that are exciting for all. We simply think that outdoor activities should be fun for everyone – whoever you are.

We are harnessing tech in innovative, interesting ways

Technology is a natural fit for empowering the average explorer. The urban jungle awaits and with your phone in hand our Trail followers are led around cities, with knowledge put to the test, and explorers pitted against both the clock and others as they scramble to get onto our leader board. Of course, if our Trail followers would rather take it easy and tackle our clues in their own time, then that’s cool, too.

Inspired and created by a love of travel, this innovative clue-based game really will add a memorable and mind-opening dimension to your city adventure.

We’re forever expanding our horizons and adding to our Trails

We’re always seeking out new cities, sights and facts to create the next exciting Trail. Keep up with us, and find out where we’re at each week by checking us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Contact Us

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly and helpful team is always on hand to answer any of your questions. Feel free to contact us at office@trailclues.com.

86-90 Paul Street

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